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We Are Wrinkled & Beautiful

Call them naked beauty.

Our sphynx kittens are purebred Canadian hairless sphynx kittens. We also breed bambino sphynx, peterbald sphynx kittens, devon rex, albino kittens. Our kittens are well trained and have a great understanding about the house. We start training them as soon as they are born and at their second month ie 8 weeks, they are already house and potty trained. Our males don't spray around as they are out door trained too, they control themselves. They are potty trained (Litter box trained)

We feed organic raw food and use RO water. Our kittens are raised in a natural environment. We now use Dr Mercolas litter. It is the only completely toxin free litter on the market. Not only do you not want your cat breathing litter box toxins, you don't want your family to breathe them either. We do not use chemicals of any kind in our home.

Our kittens have grown around kids and other pets and get along with them easily. They are super friendly and are great companions.

They are HCM scanned and comes with all their health records. We ship them all over USA, Canada and the Caribbean. It is very safe and we see no reason why someone should be worried about this. All our deliveries have been 100% safe. We have all vaccinations and deworming done by our vet. This gives your kitten numerous exams before going to your home. Many breeders do all this themselves, to save a few dollars.

Our kittens are not fixed - That is Spayed or Neutered but we can do that for you before the kitten leaves to you. We charge a small fee for that which you can afford and it is less costly since we do it with our vet. We understand some people purchase these kittens to breed them so we always keep them active productive. We charge a fee for those who want to purchase with breeding rights.

Our kittens have a lot of human attention. kittens are raised with us in our bedroom - they are well socialized and trained to be great pets. They learn how to use the scratching post, my friends come over to see them so they get used to strangers. I vacuum once a day so they get used to loud noises. They are taken for car rides to ensure they learn how to travel ok. The kittens have tons of human contact and I raise 1 group at a time so they get all the attention they need and deserve. My grandson lives with me, you will find him spending much time with the kittens on morning periods.

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to hold the cat. Deposits must be received in order for me to hold your kitten. This deposit shows a serious interest in the kitten and I am also then required not to place the cat with anyone else and I refer potential pet buyers elsewhere for their kittens. Please note that deposits are not refundable for any reason. Please be sure you want a kitten before placing a deposit. The only exception is if the cat you chose becomes unavailable for some reason on my end, In that case I will refund your money if desired or transfer it to another kitten.

When I place my kittens, I want to hear about them as often as you like to tell me. I always want contact and I am willing to offer any assistance with anything you may need with your cat. So, you have my support always! This is priceless.


We accept credit cards, check or cash for deposits. Sorry, we can no longer accept Pay pal. Once a cat is selected for purchase a $300 deposit is required. The deposit is NON REFUNDABLE, unless for some reason your kitten becomes unavailable for health reasons you may choose a full refund or different kitten. Final payment in cash upon delivery. All deposit money will be subtracted from the price of the cat

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